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Our School
Mills E Godwin High School
2101 Pump Road
Henrico, VA 23238
(804) 750-2600
Name: Mary Payne
Title: President
Function: President
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Name: Charles Moncure
Title: VP Programs
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Name: Nancy Ahrens
Title: Treasurer
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Name: Melanie Butterworth
Title: Secretary
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Name: Mary Smith
Title: VP of Membership
Function: PTSO Membership
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Name: Amy Englund
Title: Communications Director
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Name: Cindy Fournier
Title: PTSO Website
Name: Amy Gilbody
Title: Cave-Spiritwear Chairperson
Name: Holly Hamilton
Title: Lay Advisory
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Name: Peggy Berkeley
Title: Parlimentarian
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Name: Leigh Dunavant
Title: Principal
Function: Principal
Name: Robyn Anderson
Title: Eagle Fund Chairperson
Function: Eagle Fund Chairperson
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Name: Pamela Gibbs
Title: Volunteer Coordinatior
Function: Volunteer Coordinator
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Name: Alice Snook
Title: Hospitality Chairperson
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Name: Cate Gyory
Title: Hospitality Chairperson
Function: Hospitality
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Name: Beth Straub
Title: Student Rep Coordinator
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Name: Michelle Wentz
Title: Scholarship Chairperson
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Name: Adrienne Fenley
Title: Baccalaureate Chairperson
Function: Baccalaureate Events
Name: Robin Pfeffer
Title: Cave Spiritwear Co-Chair
Name: Stephen Dempsey
Title: Legislation
Godwin High School PTSO:
2101 Pump Road, Henrico VA 23238
Godwin's Parent Teacher Student Organization's (PTSO) purpose is to support the education and welfare of students at GHS by
fostering relationships between parents, teachers, students, and administration.  We are a non-profit, IRS 501(c)3 organization.
The PTSO is not affiliated with any state or national organization so that every dollar donated will be used at GHS