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New playground equipment for grades K-2.
New playground surfaces for both playground areas.
Overall beautification to the front of our school.
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Policies and Procedures

Please take a moment to read over My School's Volunteer Policies & Procedures

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at My School! For the safety and security of our students and our school community, below are a couple of requirements to fulfill before volunteering at Catharine Blaine:

  • A Public School (SPS) Screening Check.
  • Proof of Auto Insurance to have on file for when you drive on a field trip.
  • Volunteer Button to be worn while at school.
  • Volunteer Guidelines to read before (and observe while) volunteering.

Screening Check (Required)
The Public School District requires that a screening check be completed before you can volunteer at school. Even if you don’t plan on being a regular volunteer, please complete the online submission on one of the computers in the front office.

Driver’s License, copy (Required with Screening)
If you don’t have access to a printer or copier, stop by the office where you can make a copy of your license.

Proof of Auto Insurance (Required for driving on field trips)
The Public School District requires that any volunteer driving children on a field trip MUST have on file in the office a copy of their current proof of automobile insurance. This requirement is in addition to the background check and copy of driver’s license.
Please Note: Many auto insurance policies expire every six months. If you receive a new proof of insurance card before the end of this school year, please resubmit a copy to the office.

Volunteer ID Button (Required)
My School requires that all volunteers wear a Volunteer ID Button (or a temporary sticker, available in the office) while volunteering on the school grounds.

Volunteer Guidelines
Please observe these guidelines when volunteering. Thank you!

  • Sign IN and OUT in the main office every time you volunteer.
  • Wear your Volunteer ID BUTTON while at school.
  • Volunteer for the WHOLE CLASSROOM, not just your child.
  • Try to be QUIET and unobtrusive in the classroom. Focus on your task and limit talking with other adults (it’s distracting to the class ?).
  • Academic instruction must be left to certificated classroom personnel (district regulations). Volunteers provide GENERAL HELP AND SUPPORT.
  • Respect CONFIDENTIALITY. Protect and respect information you see or hear, especially pertaining to a student’s work, behavior, or background.
  • Be courteous, exhibit good behavior, and otherwise PROVIDE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for our students.
  • Keep CELL PHONES OFF or on vibrate. If you need to take a call, please do so outside of the classroom.
  • While in the hall, SPEAK SOFTLY and stay clear of doorways. Voices carry into the classrooms and are distracting to students and teachers.
  • CONSULT THE TEACHER before bringing younger siblings or other children into the classroom with you when you volunteer.
  • Some teachers do not use volunteers in the classroom, but appreciate help OUTSIDE OF CLASS. Check with each teacher about his/her needs.
Student Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to JoAnn Darling! JoAnn has been coming in for 2 hours almost every day after she finishes school to help with the Kindergarten Shine...
for your attendance!
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