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Research at A.D. Henderson and FAU HIGH
  • We are a lab school and conducting research is part of our mission!
  • Examples:
    • Surveying students on whether computer coding games had an impact on their attitudes toward computer science
    • Asking kids to spot the difference between two pictures to look at how they process image-based information
  • Our school has a committee that makes sure these projects fit with our mission and benefit the students
  • No data will be collected on your child without parental consent
  • Participation in research is always optional
    • Parents can provide consent for their child to participate
      • Done via parental consent forms sent home or emailed to you
    • Several benefits to participation
      • Always clearly described on the consent form
      • Helps fulfill schools mission
      • Helps further our knowledge on educational practices, child psychology, etc
  • Questions? Contact us at opk12research@fau.edu

For information about ongoing research click below (to be updated monthly by FAU)

Ongoing Research Information
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Our Sponsors
Our School
ADHUS/ FAU High School
777 Glades Road Bldg. 26
(561) 297-3970

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