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PTO Showcase - PE - Ms. Beninger
Ms. B is our incredible P.E. teacher! She has taught at Carrillo for 11 years. In the past she was a substitute in the classroom, taught math and reading intervention groups, multiple enrichment camps, and she now leads the Kindness Ambassadors. 

Ms. B feels Physical Education is important because it helps students learn about keeping their minds and bodies healthy. In her P.E. program, she focuses on promoting lifelong fitness, building social skills, and learning how exercise helps our brains focus and makes us feel happier, more confident and keeps our bodies strong.  
Ms. B has a multiple subject K-8 teaching credential and was planning to go into the classroom, but when a P.E. job popped up, she took it and loved it! She went back to get her P.E. credential and has been happily teaching P.E. ever since. She loves that she gets to work with all of our students and watch them grow as they move through each grade level.  She also loves that she gets the chance to make their day every day! She tells the kids that she loves teaching P.E. because it's the only subject that is scientifically proven to make us happier.  Ms. B loves watching them reach their fitness goals and find physical activities they enjoy.  She also loves helping our students learn to solve problems and build their social skills. We are so lucky to have our PE program! 
PTO funds help us make sure we have enough equipment for all of our  students, and helps to purchase resources, incentives, and technology that enrich our program and help to keep students engaged and motivated. 

To donate any amount and support our program supplies to our Giving Month, please visit the homepage.  
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