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Courtyard Concessions
Nov 15, 2019 from 08:30 AM to 09:23 AM

Courtyard Concessions this Friday, November 15th  from 8:45am-9:15am

Concessions will be taking place in the front entrance hallway for 6th graders and 7th/8th grade courtyard before school. 

Strawberry-Kiwi smoothies for $3 (Tropical Smoothie Cafe)
Donuts for $1 (Krispie Kreme) and Water for $1 

Enjoy a morning snack before school. 

As always, we ask that you please pick up after yourself and throw your trash in the garbage cans.  We need to keep the courtyard and hallway clean so we can continue to have monthly concessions. 

Thank you for supporting your school. 

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  3. [Nov 25, 2019] No School Fall Break
  4. [Dec 13, 2019] Courtyard Concessions
  5. [Dec 17, 2019] Habit Burger Family Night
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  7. [Dec 18, 2019] Desserts for Staff Holiday Lunch
  8. [Jan 17, 2020] Courtyard Concessions 1/17
  9. [Jan 30, 2020] PTSA General Meeting
  10. [Jan 30, 2020] SAC Meeting
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