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Greetings dedicated volunteers!!
Per Florida State PTA I was asked to share this attachment with you.  I am sure most already know the contents of this PDF, that PTA funds are to be used to benefit the most at your school - (namely the children) - and not individuals.

However, I do know that units have been asked to help support staff and family milestones like weddings, babies, funeral expenses, etc. One unit was even asked to help pay for a flight so a staff member could attend a family funeral. Your unit's funds are meant to benefit the most (i.e. k - 2, 3 - 5 grade, the entire student body, the whole school community).  Please share this information with your board and principal.  If you, as individuals, want to take up a collection for a person or buy that person a gift, that is fine - just do not use PTA/PTSA funds.  AND if you are collecting for an individual, make sure to share that you are supporting this person/cause as an individual -  not a PTA. 

I am thankful for each of you - for your hard work and dedication to your unit and the mission of PTA.  And while your position as a PTA board member is not glamorous, YOU help maintain the standards that make a unit respectable, honest, and good.

Sharon Lubin
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