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A Note From Our Partners At the US Census Bureau

Greetings members of the Palm Beach County Council of PTA! I am responsible for getting the 2020 Census information to all the education systems in Palm Beach County for the upcoming 2020 Census. I would like to present the importance of the census, a new program statistics in schools, and how the census helps the education community and the population it serves. I also want to answer any questions that may arise as there are changes to next years Census such as responding online.

The School District of Palm Beach County has been tremendously supportive of the 2020 census and they have a concerted effort, resources, and a comprehensive plan to communicate through internal channels to every school in the district to reach staff, students, and parents. With that stated, please do not reach out your principal or their staff as they have separate district meetings that will cover 2020 census information.

Part of the complete effort is Partnership Specialists like myself reaching out and presenting to PTAs, PTOs, and other parent organizations in Palm Beach County. Hard to count areas that we definitely need to reach can be found in the Response Outreach Area Mapper ROAM that have greater Low Response Scores LRS.

If you are interested in a presentation or adding us to your meeting regarding the 2020 census please reach out to my information below:


Gary Richardson

Partnership Specialist

U.S. Census Bureau

Cell phone: (678) 662-1503



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