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Sandy Ridge Elementary
10101 Waxhaw Manor Dr
Waxhaw, NC 28173
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Earth Day Celebration
Apr 18, 2019 all day

Sandy Ridge Families! Here is a brief description of our stations for Earth Day this Thursday, April 18th. Kids will be doing fun activities at each station while they learn important things about our beautiful planet. We could still use some help to make this day run smoothly and safely for our students and teachers (and you will have a blast doing it!)-

SRES Earth Day – Thursday, April 18, 2019 Station Descriptions
Station #1 Presenter: Ann Close Springs Greenway - Recycle Roulette Topic: Recycling Objective: Recycling decreases the amount of trash going into landfills and harming wildlife

Station #2 Presenter: Waxhaw Master Gardeners - Nature Walk Bingo Topic: Nature Objective: Kids explore school grounds on a guided “hike” to identify elements of nature all around them. Mark in the squares of a bingo card to keep track of what they find.

Station #3 Presenter: Atomz Lab - Earth's Energy Topic: Wind Power, UV Light Objective: Experience how the earth receives and utilizes energy from the sun and wind.

Station #4 Presenter: UNCC Geography & Earth Sciences - Fresh Water Supply, Resource, and Conservation Topic: Water Objective: Fresh water is important for electricity, agriculture, and personal use (e.g., drinking). Most fresh water is found underground. Earth materials are important for providing and protecting fresh water. The Catawba and Yadkin Rivers are the sources for public (tap) water in Union County (including Sandy Ridge). Overuse and contamination are the greatest threats to drinking water.

Station #5 Presenters: Union County 4H - Water Quality Topic: Water Objective: Learn how human uses and impacts on water quality and quantity differ in agricultural and urban areas.

Upcoming Events

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