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2019-2020 PTA Membership Drive
Myths & Facts about SPES PTA

So, what exactly does it mean to join the PTA? Contrary to popular belief, being a member of the PTA does not automatically mean you have to dedicate your life to volunteering at school. Your PTA membership gives you voting rights to determine how PTA funds are allocated and makes you an integral part in decisions regarding enrichment programs for our school. As a member of the SPES PTA, you are also a member of the Florida PTA and National PTA and benefit from Membership Perks. PTA is a group of parents, teachers and community members who care about the well-being of the students at the school and who want to do everything they can to help them succeed. Please take a moment to read some of the Myths & Facts about PTA membership. And hopefully, you will take a moment to Join the SPES PTA! Thank you!

MYTH: Joining PTA means I have to volunteer. I’ll get roped into volunteering for something if I go to a PTA meeting.
FACT: You do not have to volunteer to be a member of PTA! There are always opportunities to get involved and the PTA and school both need a lot of volunteers. We have to ask for volunteers and help. But, there is no pressure to sign up if you don’t want to volunteer or are unable to. It is okay to say no if you can’t do something. PTA appreciates everyone’s membership, whether or not a member volunteers, because each member increases PTA’s ability to advocate for children. The simple act of joining the PTA is valuable to our school.

MYTH: If you are a PTA member, you have to commit to hours and hours of volunteer time.
FACT: You can volunteer as little or as much as your schedule allows. You can just pay your dues and come to meetings if that is all you have time for. Or you can sign up for an activity or even chair a committee if you desire. Whatever you do will be greatly appreciated. All levels of participation are welcome and needed.

MYTH: Those PTA moms know each other really well and are just a big clique. They are a tight-knit social group that is hard to break into.
FACT: The majority of the active PTA members (moms, dads, grandparents, & guardians) do know each other as a result of working together on various PTA projects. But, PTA members are there for one reason, to help their child and school succeed. Our group is friendly and welcoming to all. Give us a chance to get to know one another!

MYTH: The PTA is for stay-at-home moms with nothing better to do. Only moms and teachers need to join PTA.
FACT: Your fellow PTA members are parents, grandparents and community members who want to support the school. Most members are juggling bills, household chores, kids, sports and homework. Many members of the PTA Executive Board either work full-time or part-time jobs outside of the home. A majority of the Committee Chairs work outside of the home as well. A strong, vibrant PTA needs the support of moms and dads, step-parents, aunts and uncles, teachers and school staff, community members and business leaders. Anyone who cares about children belongs in PTA.

MYTH: PTA membership never expires, so I only have to join once.
FACT: Each new school year begins a new PTA membership year. Membership cards are issued to each member who joins PTA. Membership cards are for an annual membership.

MYTH: PTA meetings are long, drawn out affairs filled with boring PTA business.
FACT: Most PTA meetings last one hour and are filled with useful information for parents. You can get first-hand school news and have the opportunity to speak with the Principal and PTA. You can ask questions and voice your opinions. And you can help decide how to raise money for the school and even more importantly, how to spend it.

MYTH: PTA has all the help they need. My participation will not make a difference.
FACT: This is the biggest myth of all. We need your help and participation. We have board and chair positions that need to be filled. If we do not fill them we will have to cancel activities. Even if you cannot commit to filling a board or chair position, we need your help! We need volunteers to help at all of our events. If you choose to volunteer, you get to decide your time commitment.

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