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Volunteer/Event Descriptions

To volunteer for any of the items listed below, please add yourself to the email group Here

(in alphabetical order)

Christmas Program

BCA puts on a wonderful Christmas program each year! It involves everything from a play (with costumes, set & scripts) to refreshments for all. Please sign up if you’re interested in helping with the preparations for the program and or helping with the refreshments afterwards!
Committee Chair: Jackie Risinger; jrisinger@bereanchristianacademy.org

Community Promotions / Marketing

This involves various different items that help get the word out about BCA. Specifically, we pass out marketing materials to preschools, churches, community groups, realtors, etc as enrollment season begins. This group also aids in various marketing platforms such as magazine ads, facebook and other social media.
Committee Chair: Sarah Head; shead@bereanchristianacademy.org

Easter / Holy Week Activities

BCA hosted a beautiful Stations of the Cross Holy Week event on campus last year during the week leading up to Easter. This is a very meaningful event for the kids to refocus on the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf. If you would like to help coordinate and organize an event like this for this school year, please sign up!  
Committee Chair: Allison Rudd; allisonerudd@gmail.com

End of Year Recitation

This event is a special opportunity for the kids to show off many of the things they learned throughout the year. Please join this team if you’d like to help coordinate the program or plan and coordinate refreshments for the BCA family afterwards!
Committee Chair: Jackie Risinger; jrisinger@bereanchristianacademy.org

Father-Daughter Dance

The relationship between a Dad and his daughter(s) is a special one. We have some wonderful fathers at BCA and this is a special opportunity to help make it a great night to remember. Volunteer opportunities include event planning, decorations, food planning, video preparation, DJ & more! Please join this team to make it a special evening for the sweet girls and Dads of BCA!
Committee Chair: Jennifer Foster; jennylfoster@gmail.com

Field Day / Living History Day

This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who enjoys an outdoor event….especially Dads! We need help setting up activity stations, bringing waters, working a first aid station and more! From tug of war to sack races, this is an awesome opportunity to end the year with some competition and energy!
Committee Chair: Coach "T" (Laura Thompson); lthompson@bereanchrisitianacademy.org

First Day of School Parent Coffee & Prayer

The first day of school can be exciting and a little bit overwhelming for parents. This is a great opportunity to start the day off in prayer with other families at the school. It’s also a great way to spend a few minutes getting to know some of the other parents as we set off on the journey of a new year. The family atmosphere is one of the greatest strengths of BCA and this is a great way to kick off the year in community in prayer. Volunteer to help set up or bring food/drinks!
Committee Chair: Abby Jennings; ajennings@bereanchristianacademy.org


Fundraising is a great way to make a big impact while getting to know other parents in the process. It involves so much more than just asking people for money, so please don’t be turned off if that’s not something you enjoy. There is event planning, Spirit Night coordination in the community, technological efforts and more! For our main annual events in the past, we’ve planned Skeet Shoots, Top Golf events and Virtual Silent Auctions. Restaurant Spirit Nights are also a fun, quick way to raise money and spend time with our BCA family. Please join this team to get started planning today!
Committee Chair: Allison Hegar; fundraising@bereanchristianacademy.org

Handy Helper Dads

There are times on campus that we just need a handy dad around! Whether it’s putting together storage cabinets, putting handles on a office cabinet door or putting together picnic tables….sometimes we just need to be able to call on a handy dad for help. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please sign up and we’ll put you on an email list where needs will be sent out throughout the year. This way you can help when you are able!
Committee Chair: Cameron Moran; camamoran@gmail.com


The Hospitality team is tasked with helping with hospitality needs for school sponsored events. This team will work closely with the Office staff in coordinating refreshments and aiding in setup for these events. There is a budget for each school sponsored event for basic drinks and snacks. This team will just coordinate making it happen!
Committee Chair: Lisa Winter; lisadwinter03@gmail.com

Love Thy Neighbor Serve Day

One of the most important things to the leadership of BCA is that we teach our kids to love thy neighbor as thyself. One way we encourage this is by having our annual Serve Day during February, the month that Valentine's Day is celebrated. While the world focuses on self love and self indulgence, we want to teach our children to sacrifice and serve others. We need parents to help organize service projects and volunteer alongside our students. This is a great opportunity for someone with a heart for missions and serving their community. All service opportunities are scheduled for the same day, so we need parent volunteers from each grade level. 
Committee Chair: volunteer@bereanchristianacademy.org

Lunch Helpers (Wednesday)

Our staff and faculty have meetings every Wednesday during the lunch hour. In order to allow the staff to meet as a whole group, we need lunchroom helpers on these days. Lunch lasts one hour and it’s a great way to be helpful to the school while getting the opportunity to visit with your student on campus during the day! Every other Wednesday has been, designated “Chic-Fil-A” days on campus. This involves sorting the meals by grade and labeling for each child for delivery during the lunch hour. 
Main Contact: Office Staff; office@bereanchristianacademy.org


Mother-Son Event

What mom doesn’t want to spend a special evening with their son(s)? We’ve had 80s Night at Cosmic Air and 70s Night at the Roller Rink in the past. Join this team to decide what fun will be in store for the moms and sons this year!
Committee Chair: Nicole Annas; nicole.s.annas@gmail.com

Room Mom

Room moms are a crucial part of the overall classroom experience for our students! They help plan and/or coordinate class parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Classroom Feast. They aid the teacher in parent communication and they coordinate with other room moms on school wide efforts.
Committee Chair: Ashley Wallace; awallace@bereanchristianacademy.org
Junior Kinder: Crystal Ramirez - ramirez2012c@gmail.com 
Kinder: Sarah Isham (Black) - sarahmisham@gmail.com; Renee Davis (Shoquist) - reneejohnson4@gmail.com
1st: Allison Rudd (Neumann) - allisonerudd@gmail.com; Jordan Swann (Sciba) -bjswann630@gmail.com
2nd: Camille Brown (Elkins) - camroy2001@att.net; Lorie Pendergrass (Broome) - lorie72@comcast.net
3rd: Cody Monroe - codyvmonroe@gmail.com
4th: Melissa Martensen (Saenz) - melissa_tellschow@yahoo.com; Laura Griffin (Gaytan) - lauraefinley@hotmail.com
5th:  Monica Sams - mksamsiam2@gmail.com
6th: Karen Taylor - karentaylor3708@reagan.com
7th: Karla Vacek karlavacek@yahoo.com
8th / 9th:  Colleen Ford - colleenford20@gmail.com

Science Fridays

Science Fridays occur every other Friday morning. We encourage parents to plan / coordinate an experiment and lesson for kids to learn beyond the classroom. If you love science, this can be a great way for you to contribute! You can teach one class or sign up for multiple – it’s up to you! If you don’t want to start from scratch, feel free to teach a pre-planned lesson instead!
Committee Chair: Christina Saenz; csaenz@bereanchristianacademy.org

Special Chapel Assistance

BCA has implemented "special chapels" as an opportunity for the whole school to gather together for worship and celebration of various holidays throughout the year. This includes a special chapel for Veteran's Day, a student-led Christmas chapel, a chapel for Passover that reflects on the sacrifice of the cross, and a New Life chapel that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and our new life found in Him! You will assist in room preparation, speaker contact and organization, printing programs, and more to take part in these special occasions. 
Committee Chair: Ashley Wallace; awallace@bereanchristianacademy.org

Teacher Appreciation Week

BCA has the best teachers! They work hard all year to provide an amazing learning experience for each of our kids. We like to take an opportunity in the Spring to celebrate them and thank them for all of their hard work. This has involved staff lunch, breakfast, charcuterie boxes, & treats or sweets in the past! You can volunteer to help with one of the days or help with it all!
Committee Chair: Colleen Ford; colleenford20@gmail.com


Yearbooks are a special momento of the wonderful school year available for the students at the end of each year. We need parents who will take pictures throughout the year, collect pictures from parents and teachers and create our BCA yearbook through Shutterfly or similar platform. This is a great opportunity for a creative, artistic parent who is looking for an opportunity to work on something from home throughout the year! (Even if you can’t attend the actual events, many of the pictures can just be pulled from the BPA Parent Facebook page for use.)
Committee Chairs: Nicole Annas; nicole.s.annas@gmail.com; Jessica Yoes jessicayoes27@hotmail.com

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