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MyVLink's many features were tailored to equip and assist your Organization with its daily functions while providing your parents and students with valuable information about your school and organization.
Online Volunteering
Use the interactive Volunteer Opportunity Board to post your organization's current volunteer opportunities whether time or specific items are needed.  Specify details about each position - what you need accomplished, where and when to meet, and how many volunteers are needed.  Or post a Donation Opportunity requesting specific items you wish to have donated or lent to your Organization.   Parents then have the ability to fill these positions/items online, while you simply monitor the spots that are filled/unfilled.  No more reminder phone calls are necessary since MyVLink automatically sends an email reminder to each volunteer prior to their volunteer opportunity date.

After enabling the online Volunteer Hours Entry option your volunteers will be able to enter their volunteer hours right there online as well.  Use this feature to collect ALL volunteer hours, or just their Off-Campus hours (hours volunteered at home, off-campus).  By creating volunteer categories your volunteers will be able to enter their hours against those specific areas.  As the administrator, you will be able to run Volunteer Hour reports by category, by user, or by date.
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