MyVLink's many features were tailored to equip and assist your Organization with its daily functions while providing your parents and students with valuable information about your school and organization


MyVLink helps you to make various print-outs available for your parents, teachers, and students.  Post meeting minutes, school newsletters, and other helpful information that they can print-out or view as needed.  Save a tree!

If you like, you may secure specific documents and only allow certain users or groups of users to view them.

The print-outs module is a great place to digitally store all of your organization's documents so that you have them to refer back to from year to year.  No more having each executive member or committee chair keep a notebook that may or may not be kept, that may or not be passed on when they leave.  Digitally store it so that each new board/committee has it readily available to them.  Don't reinvent flyers each year, just change the dates, and use it again.