VLink would like to buy shirts for your PTA!

By participating in VLink's "DARE TO WEAR IT" contest you will qualify for up to 5 shirts for your PTA to wear during this year's Florida PTA Leadership Convention.

The winner of the contest will additionally receive MyVLink for a YEAR at no cost!

If you qualify for this contest, follow these steps to participate:

1) REQUEST our special VLink contest graphic by emailing contest

2) DESIGN and purchase your shirts, making sure to include our graphic.

3) WEAR your shirts at the FL PTA Leadership Convention.

4) Take a PICTURE in your shirts at the Convention.

5)  SUBMIT your pic by August 1, 2014.


- You must be a PTA of a Florida school that will be attending the 2014 FL PTA Leadership Convention.

-  You must have leased MyVLink for your PTA for the 2013-14 school year OR have paid your $99 setup fee for the 2014-15 school year prior to July 1, 2014.

- Your picture must be taken at the 2014 Florida PTA Leadership Convention in Innisbrook, FL.  It is up to you to have something in the picture that proves that is where it was taken.

- The VLink provided graphic must be permanently displayed on each shirt and must be a minimum of 8” tall and 10” wide.

- The VLink provided graphic must clearly be displayed on at least one person’s shirt in the pic.
- If your submission does not show the VLink provided graphic on each shirt you must submit an additional picture displaying each person in their shirt at the same time at the same location that your submission was taken.

- Submissions (picture and form) should be emailed to and must be received no later than August 1, 2014.

- Only 1 picture may be submitted per Organization.
- A max of 5 shirts per Organization will be credited ($10/shirt displayed in your pic).

- If you do not meet the above requirements and criteria for submission you will not qualify for the shirt credit.

How Contest Points are Awarded
You will receive….
1)  1 point for every person in your picture.   Every person doesn’t have to be in a VLink shirt or even belong to your Organization so feel free to grab strangers.

2) An additional 5 points for every Florida or National PTA Board Member in your picture

3) 1-20 points awarded for Location *Creativity (where exactly your pic was taken)

4) 1-20 points Overall *Creativity

5) 50 points if the VLink graphic is on the front of each shirt.

6) 15 points if you post your picture on your Organization or School Facebook page prior to August 1, 2014.

7)  Additional ways to earn points may be added to this list prior to June 1 so make sure to check back.

*A panel of 5 will be deciding points on creativity.  The 5 scores will be averaged and that average will determine the number of points awarded for each of these subjective categories.

Who is the Winner?
- The winner will have obtained the most points of all entrants.    Ties will be broken based on which picture was submitted first (date/time).
- The Winner will be announced by August 15, 2014.

- The winner will have their 2014-2015 MyVLink Lease paid in full and will be reimbursed $10 per PTA shirt (see shirt qualifications).
- All other entrants that have met the previously defined qualifications will be credited $10 per PTA shirt on their 2014-2015 MyVLink Lease.

Please direct all questions to