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Dec 7th in MPR
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Yearbook Recognition Ads - Due Today / Due Friday 11/16 - Don't miss out!

Order and Design your Yearbook Recognition Ad
Tell your student how proud they make you with a recognition ad, straight from your heart and into their yearbook.  Parents can submit paper ads by completing the order form (attached here) and returning to the office or online (see below).  

Recognition Ad Pricing:
  Eighth Page     2 1/2 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches wide - $15.00 
  Quarter Page   5 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches wide - $30.00

Design, Preview and Pay for your Recognition Ad Online! 
  1. Yearbook Website: CLICK HERE  ~ Website only works with Google Chrome 2017-18 YB Google Chrome 
  2. Get started now: begin by locating our school (School ID#: 78357)
  3. Click to Login In (last year's accounts are active) or Create an account if this is your first time to the website.
  4. Click on Shop My School ~ to purchase Recognition Ad
  5. To design your Ad ~ select "My Stuff" and click on "edit - submit"
  6. To utilize available templates ~ click on the paint pallet icon (Art).
  7. Technical Difficulty:  Number One Fix clear browsing data on Chrome - click on the 3 dots upper rt. screen, more tools, Time Rage: All Time, Clear Cookies and Cached Images.
  8. Website Tech Support: 800-594-2324 (Monday - Friday  9:00 - 5:30 Eastern Standard Time) 

School Guildelines for Submitting Yearbook ad:
1. The sale of ads in the school yearbook is a fundraiser to offset the cost of the yearbooks for families.
2. Las Palmas PTA reserves the right to edit ads per our guildelines (Fit in the available space for ad).
3. All submitted materials must be appropriate for school publication.
4. Las Palmas PTA retains the right to remove any explicit text, graphic photos, or copyright-protected imagery or photos.
5. All ads purchased must be submitted by November 16th to appear in the yearbook (No Exceptions).

Question:  Yearbook@HolaLasPalmas.org 

BallPark Pizza ~ Meet & Eat

Location: PallPark Pizza in Talega           
Menu and Directions: Click Here
Bring the flyer or show it on your phone before paying.  Blaze pizza will donate 20% of proceeds from your meal back to Las Palmas.

Our Village is Strong:
Get to know your school community, Las Palmas Meet and Eat offers or families an opportunity to get together outside the hectic routine of drop-offs and pick-ups.   This event is an arrangement with the restaurant to donate a percentage of eligible sales to Las Palmas PTA, which in turn helps support our AMAZING school.   

How can I make sure a percentage of my bill is donated to the school?
Identify yourself as a participant in the fundraiser for Las Palmas Elementary School PTA.  Sometimes, just saying so is enough, but often the flier you receive sent home with the kids, which is usually also linked to the website, is required.

Is Family Night Out limited to Las Palmas students?
No, anyone can participate.  Make copies of the flier for friends, neighbors, grandparents, etc.  Extras are available in the office, or you can send a digital one from the website www.HolaLasPalmas.org.

How can I maximize the donation to the school?
Upload the receipt to Shoparoo and Communities for a Cause, it's Free Money for the School.


ELAC - English Learners Advisory Committee

ELAC Meeting, we will be meeting in the MPR (Multipurpose Room).

ELAC (English Learners Advisory Committee) is a meeting place that parents can use as a platform to express their concerns and ideas to both the school and the district, to inform the decisions of the School Site Council. 

Children benefit by ELAC as their parents' concerns are voiced to the School Site Council, resulting in an impact on decisions at both the school level and the district level. They will see the change in their parents, as the parents are empowered by the trainings they will receive, and as they develop the ability to speak out for their families.

ELAC offers workshops that cover broad areas, such as legal issues involved in working with English Language Learner students, training in reading and homework techniques that can immediately help their children and training in dealing with different family problems.

ELAC provides parents with a forum to express their thoughts and concerns about their children's education at the site and district level. Parents have more expertise about their children's education than they realize.

For more information: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/elac.asp 

Thanksgiving Recess - No School

Growth Mindset / What is it and how can I learn more?

Our Theme for the School Year: Keep Going, Keep Growing

Over the course of this school year, Principal Dr. Barrosa and her team of educators will be focusing on helping our students develop a growth mindset.  “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment,” writes Carol Dweck.   

The Growth Mindset talk for parents that was held this past Thursday was awesome, so we figured it would be worth summarizing for those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. 

Growth mindset has been a buzz word this year at Las Palmas and today’s PTA Parent Education talk gave us a great understanding of what it means and how we can use it at home. We’d like to thank psychologist Grace Jones, for sharing her knowledge with us in such an entertaining and relatable way!

Here are some of the main takeaways:
  • Growth mindset comes from the work of Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, who was interested in students’ attitudes about failure. From her research, she concluded that there are two mindsets people have about learning and intelligence: fixed mindset or growth mindset. Fixed mindset is the belief that intelligence cannot be changed. But this is not true! Research in neuroplasticity has shown us that our brains can develop new neural connections. Growth mindset essentially is the belief that your brain can grow. What is Growth Mindset? click here for video.
  • We want to foster growth mindset! When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort is necessary to “grow their brains”. Therefore they put in extra time and effort, and that leads to more learning and a willingness to embrace challenges. There is a really interesting experiment Grace shared to illustrate this point. Watch the video here.
  • Mistakes are good things! Failure teaches our kids important life lessons, the biggest of which is resiliency.
  • In parenting and at school, the first step to take in fostering growth mindset is changing our language. (See colorful handouts for examples).
  • Three ways parents can instill a growth mindset.  Click here for the video.
  • The single best word to begin using is YET. Rather than “I can’t do that”, it’s “I can’t do that YET.”
  • Here are some other helpful “car ride questions” to use to encourage growth mindset:
    • “What mistake did you make today that taught you something?”
    • “What did you try hard at today?”
    • “What can you do today that you couldn’t do yesterday?”
  • Exercise growth mindset with yourself as a parent too. Add a YET to your negative self talk.(“I can’t get it together to get us to school on time…YET”!) Celebrate your own mistakes as opportunities to learn how to do things better. Don’t beat yourself about your setbacks; “Let It Go And Move On”.
Thank you to Jennifer Kramer our PTA Parent Education Chairperson for organizing and bring this to the LP Community!

Additional Materials:
Mindset the Psychology of Success
How to raise an adult
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Treasure Chest - 11:15am to 1:15pm (Volunteer)

Date: 11/14/2018...01/23/2019

The Las Palmas Treasure Chest is a PTA-sponsored rewards program where 1st through 5th grade students can purchase reward tickets, small toys and enter raffles using the PIPER Tickets they have... more

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