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2022 Volunteer Service Award Winner!

The ERPTO is proud to announce Nicole Vosburgh as this year’s recipient of our Volunteer Service Award.
Nicole came to East Rochester from Canada with her 2 daughters in 2012 where she married a local ER-resident Devin. Now a family of 8, Nicole is a stepmother to Sarah, Noah & Rebekah, mother to Mikayla, Cadence & Abbigail. Nicole is a local business owner, has subbed in the ER district, and has a volunteer track record of East Rochester Chamber of Commerce, ER Youth Football & Cheerleading, ER Youth Activity Center and now ER PTO.
Mikayla Louise Murray had this to say about her mom:

Nicole is my mom, and she has been helping the school for longer than I can remember. Nicole first started out on the board for the Youth football and cheer. She was at all the meetings and constantly working concessions and selling apparel. Nicole also worked as a TA for a few years at the school. Then she opened her business and started making apparel for the school. She has done youth jerseys to senior banners, shirts, and signs. My senior class was the class of 2020, and it was really nice for me and the class to have these things available to us during the worst year of high school. Nicole is always willing to negotiate and set up ways to start fundraisers through her business for classes. Nicole has also been on the ERPTO for the past year. And through all the struggles these past few years have brought, Nicole was also one of the ones who helped Mrs. Swagler clean up the ER youth center to get it ready to reopen. Nicole is always an email away to help and never afraid to face challenges to give to give to the community especially because most of the shirts and jerseys she does she hand presses herself and is at her shop countless hours to make sure she makes her community happy and proud to have ER pride.

ER PTO 2022 Scholarship Winners!

In recognition of their outstanding service to the East Rochester Union Free Schools and community, and their commitment to achieving academic excellence, we are proud to announce the recipients of this year's senior scholarships: Jason Taylor & Gillian Weltman. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

ERPTO Spring Calendar Raffle Fundraiser / ERPTO Spring Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Your ERPTO Squad is taking spring to a whole new level with our new 1st Annual Spring Calendar Raffle!๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒป

How it works:
๐Ÿ‘‰Tickets are $10 and the prize draw starts on May 1st!
๐Ÿ‘‰Each ticket purchased is thrown into the drawing for 31 chances to win amazing raffle prizes! The winner of the prize then has a chance to win any of the remaining prizes, as their ticket is KEPT IN THE DRAWING!!
๐Ÿ‘‰There are no limits to how many tickets you can buy!
๐Ÿ‘‰Ticket purchases will be done through Venmo @EastRocPTO Cash ticket purchases can be taken by PTO board members, however, note that may delay the time it takes to get your name into the drawing.
๐Ÿ‘‰ To have a valid ticket price you must pay $10 and include your email address for the PTO to communicate any potential winnings. Be sure to safe mark erpto2021@gmail.com so you do not miss any communications!
๐Ÿ‘‰All ages can enter, however, any "Over 21" can only be granted to those over 21.
๐Ÿ‘‰Drawings will happen via FB live each day through WheelOfNames for random draws, at random times!
๐Ÿ‘‰ Prizes can be picked up at Out of the Office Services during business hours. Other means of obtaining your prize can also be arranged through the ERPTO.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Prizes not picked up within 5 days of the winning draw will be issued for a re-draw. It's important to check your email and this post for updated winnings!
๐Ÿ‘‰Our current overall calendar value of prizes exceeds $2800 in prizes. Yup, you read that right. We are also still collecting donations for the fundraiser so this number may increase, and daily packages may get better and better!

May 1 – Saucy Basket - $109 value courtesy of Out of the Office Services, LLC 
Winner Marisa Capuano Philip
May 2 – Baby Toy Package - $50 value courtesy of Barnes & Noble & ERPTO  
Winner Dawn Alday
May 3 – Readers Package - $70 value courtesy of ERPTO May 4 – 13” Electric Yard Trimmer - $60 value courtesy of ERPTO
Winner Connor Henrichs
May 5 – Class pizza party *priceless* ($40) courtesy of Salvatores East Rochester & ERPTO
Winner Jared Snyder
May 6 – Automatic Bread Machine - $120 value courtesy of ERPTO
Winner Marisa Capuano Philip
May 7 – Game Night Package -$70 value courtesy of Exploding Kittens & ERPTO
Winner Jordan Michael
May 8 - Mother's Day Pampering - $110 value ReviataLash & Mascara from Smooth Choice, LLC, $18 value Scented Candle from Scents by Design, $150 Mindful Matters session and gift bag from Laura Gavian, $25 Gift card to Rosy Glow Maternity, $45 Haircut gift certificate to Vita Bella Organic Salon, and a $59 gift set from Blue Sage
     Winner Anita Ricci
May 9 – PJ Mask Racetrack - $50 value  courtesy of Barnes & Noble
     Winner Elysia Stahl
May 10 – Dinosaur Adventure - $40 value courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Jan Case
May 11 – Magic Bullet Blender - $50 value courtesy of Out of the Office Services, LLC 
     Winner Lindsay Baker
May 12 – Class popsicle/donut party *priceless* ($30) courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Tim Rose
May 13 – Coffee Station - $175 value courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Frank DiPane
May 14 – Yard Games - $50 value courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Terrie Koch
May 15 – Kids camp chair & chalk paint - $28 value courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Kelly DeLooze
May 16 – Paw Patrol Cruiser & Helmet $45 value courtesy of ERPTO
     Winner Elysia Stahl
May 17 – Trader Joe’s Grocery PackT $45 value courtesy Trader Joe's
    Winner Chester Zelazny
May 18 – Yard Toss Set $45 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Shannon Connel
May 19 – Lunch with teacher *priceless* ($50) courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Debbie Pieramico
May 20 – 6-in-1 Air Fryer Combo - $200 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Nicole Walton
May 21 – Kids outside play pack - $37 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Tasha Parker
May 22 – Kite & 68” splash pad sprinkler - $65 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Juana Morreale
May 23 – 26 pc. BBQ grilling set - $30 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Laura Baliva
May 24 – Kids bubble lawnmower -$40 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Elizabeth Henry
May 25 – Faculty Pie in the face *priceless* Confirmed with staff lined up!! ($40) courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Elizabeth Johns
May 26 – Bartender Kit - $97 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Brittany Ramsey
May 27 – Buffalo Bills Josh Allen autographed jersey - $400 value
    Winner Georgia Vosburgh
May 28 – Wegmans gift card - $50 value Courtesy Wegmans Fairport
    Winner MacKenzie Parrotta
May 29 – Around Rochester Gift Certificate Pack -$309 value (includes donations from Wickham Farms, Chipotle, Color Me Mine, Red Wings, SeaBreeze, Hadley Chiropractic - Flower City Union Soccer tickets, InnoQuest Interactive)  
    Winner Shannon Romach
May 30 - Dog Grooming - $65 value courtesy Dog Spaw
     Winner Molly Rountree
May 31 – 6” Cordless chainsaw - $80 value courtesy of ERPTO
    Winner Shayna Freeman


Student Celebrations

It's time to celebrate our graduating classes! If you are looking for yard signs to show your pride, please see the links below. Each sale will benefit the ERPTO with a donation from Out of the Office Services, LLC
Grade 8 Class of 2026
Grade 5 Class of 2029
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Grade 12 graduating class sales are collectively working towards a donation for their BASH celebration. Not only are there Graduating pieces but also generic East Rochester spirit wear!

Where Do Donations Go?

The ERPTO (East Rochester Parent Teacher Organization) runs completely on volunteers and donations, and each and every dollar donated BY YOU...our East Rochester Community... goes RIGHT back into supporting our students.

We like to ensure that whenever there is a need in the school, we can help to financially offset those needs. When administration comes to us for assistance with an event, we want to do everything we possibly can to help.
If you are an ER-resident, if you are alumni, a teacher, a volunteer, a long-lost cousin, know that we appreciate your monetary and time donations.

If you want to get involved in the ERPTO, please reach out. If you DON'T want to get involved, but like throwing dollars at a good cause, know this is one of the best ones out there. We're here all year!


Mailing Address:
C/O Out of the Office Services, LLC
300 Main St, Ste 2/3
East Rochester, NY 14445
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